Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2 - An Ancient Ritual

The sun is gone. It’s time. I begin the ritual as I have done so many times in the past. It is an ancient rite, yet it’s still as potent as the day the first hunters first performed it.
I dip two fingers into the red paste made from the life force of lower beings whose sole purpose for existing is to sustain me and enhance my faculties.
I repeat the words as I paint my body:
“I call upon the eagle to make my eye sharper than his,
The winged bat that my ears may detect the tiniest vibration,
The fox that my mind may be sharper than my foe’s,
The bear to give power to my hold and my strike,
The snake that I may move undetected,
The cheetah so my legs will carry me faster than the wind.”
It is done. I feel the power flowing into me, heightening my senses, enlarging my capacities. Some may say this is overkill for such a simple and weak target, but I refuse cut corners.
Not again.
I underestimated an opponent once. That mistake still haunts me every moment of every day. Even my dreams aren’t safe from the memory. Someday I will correct that mistake.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1 - A Small Banana Republic South of the Equator

Chapter I - A Small Banana Republic

The sun has finished his work for the day and is heading home somewhere over the horizon. The owl will soon begin its hunt. But it won’t be alone. Soon I will join it chasing a rodent of my own, only one much more clever who has evaded governments, spies, and small armies.
But he won’t escape me. No one escapes Thylacine.
I’ve tracked him across a dozen borders to one of the largest republics in the southern hemisphere. Only a few years ago this nation made headlines for its explosive growth and potential to become a major player in global events. But like so many rising stars, the reality couldn’t match the hype, and the people are left lamenting about what could have been.
It’s a perfect place to hide. The eyes of the world have turned far from here. And thanks to regular photos popping up on various social media sites everyone believes he’s on the other side of the world. This man knows how to hide, at least from normal eyes.
Unfortunately for him, mine are anything but normal. Hundreds have said good-bye to this world without ever knowing who stamped their passport. Even the majority of my clients have no idea whom they hired. But there are a few who know, enough to connect them with me, discreetly.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Of Things to Come

Welcome to the Wandering Koala Tales blog! If you've been following the adventures of Wandering Koala, then you have an idea of what to expect. But if this is your first exposure to this modern pulp hero ... boy are you in for an exciting ride! This blog is the home of a daily serial with a new page of story and an illustration every weekday. The story begins April 29!

So who is the Wandering Koala?

Urban legends from across the globe going back several decades tell of a Silent Wanderer who appears out of nowhere and helps those in their most desperate moment.

No one is sure when these legends began or even where. Hard evidence, such as photography or video, seems to be scarce, and what little exists is brief and questionable. Eyewitness accounts are also difficult to come by, as those providing testimony have just come from an intense, emotionally charged experience that would frazzle even the strongest nerves.

Stories are varied, and certainly he can’t have traveled the entire world over the last five or six decades. Most likely several legends have been combined into one and contributed to him. But it is curious that they all agree on certain, specific details: he is mute, but he always speaks up for those in need; he has sharp claws that can be detach and return (most likely a weapon of sorts); he has traveling companions; he wears red; he is directed by a compass which points him to those who need him most; and his gymnastics and fighting abilities are unparalleled.

So is this urban legend more than just a campfire tale whispered at night? The world may never know...